The ETD Competency Series

    We have successfully uploaded over 6 000 assessed results to various SETAs.

    All our results have been endorsed by SETA verifiers.

    In this programme we share our methodology and ensure that by the end of the programme your candidate-assessors are able to successfully assess learners’ evidence.

    In this programme our senior moderator takes the candidate-moderators through the entire moderation process so that they are able to meet the SETA requirement.

    Additional Services:

    • We share with the delegates the moderation reports we submit to the SETAs
    • We will make POEs available for assessing and moderation if the candidates cannot access POEs from their own organisations
    • We will provide copies of our Assessment, Moderation and RPL policies and procedures from our own QMS
    • Our moderator will guide candidates when assessing and moderating
    • POE support
    • Assist candidate-assessors and moderators to register with the appropriate SETAs
    • We are also able to work with your organisation to design outcomes-based assessment tools

    This programme is presented by facilitators who are regarded as being some of the best trainers in their field.

    This practical programme will develop delegates to plan their training interventions and to effectively train and facilitate in an exciting way that inspires their delegates.

    Additional Services:

    • Provide POE building support
    • Assist you to align your existing training material to meet the registration requirements of your SETA
    • Design outcomes-based training material on your behalf
    • Coach and support your facilitators

    The role of the Skills Development Facilitator is becoming increasingly critical with the focus on developing skills in order to meet productivity and transformation goals.

    This programme will develop the skills that your SDF needs to effectively manage the process.

    From identifying the needs of the organisation, and individuals’ skills gaps, to sourcing and organising appropriate training and finally to completing the WSP and ATR.

    Additional Services

    • Provide POE building support to delegates
    • Our own SDFs will be available to coach the SDF during implementation of the process
    • Consultancy services in conducting a skills needs analysis
    • Orientation of senior managers regarding the need for skills development